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Rauba Capeu Shinjuku Lods Harajuku Boston Mt Saint-Michel Kyoto Cimiez

Items containing [35mm] are from a regular 35mm source, [S35+] indicates that the 35mm film has been scanned using a Polaroid Sprintscan 35+, [Fuji] means that it has been scanned during the processing of the film by Fuji labs.

Items containing [D] indicates a digital source, [DSCP1] means that is comes from a Sony DSC P1 digital camera, [C2000Z] means that it comes from an Olympuz Camedia 2000Z digital camera, and [EOSD60], means that it comes from a Canon EOS D60 digital camera.

Some series contains pictures from different sources, note that the source is always indicated in the RDF informations contained in the picture.

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