Site History

Here is a small and incomplete history of the changes on this server

2007-11-08 Hardware
Something went wrong on the old SUN box. So I decided to do a small hardware upgrade... from a Sparc Station 20 to a 1U quad-core Intel Xeon box. Not that serving Web content really required that amount of power, but I still want to generate Othello board solved at 20 to 30 empties, just in case I find time to work again on an othello program.
2003-09-23 Hardware
With help from Vivien and Simon, socca came back to life again, like a phoenix. It is just a bit weaker now, less memory (two faulty ram banks removed) and less cpu power (it is now powered by two 60MHz cpu instead of 75MHz ones).
2003-09-16 Hardware (again)
Finally, the machine died and dns was moved to use the backup machine. Hopefully, someone will go and fix the box. However I plan at some point to have a newer sparc, especially as recent JDKs are not supporting the old SuperSPARC processors any longer.
2003-09-02 Hardware
After two mysterious reboot, and a complete failure after inspecting memory slots, the machine was replaced with another one. Just moving the processor, the biggest ram banks (after testing them) and the a disk, and it was working again.
2002-10-01 Relative links
I started to transform all semi-relative links (ie the ones starting with "/" to have only pure relative links, it will help for the automagic language selection.
2002-09-05 Style experiments
I started to play with CSS, you can see this page with a top frame is compliant enough
2002-05-23 Boot prom and cpu updated
The machine has now two TMS390Z55 (75MHz) cpus, thanks to Ted.
2002-01-11 Moved to another machine
The server is now powered by a 60MHz SparcStation 20, any donation of better CPUs is more than welcome! (just email me)
2001-11-13 New picture collection script
It now uses a picture to picture menu, all the picture pages has been rebuilt
2001-03-07 Reorganisation started
Information that needs to be up to date and in a dated space may misinform the reader, yes URIs are opaque, but only theoretically. I use 301 to redirect to the new location.
2001-03-01 Organisation
I am more and more convinced that dated space is not the ultimate solution, I am starting moving things
2001-02-24 CVS control
I finally put all my site under CVS control, with automatic commit on PUT, all the ID tags will be automatically updated.
2001-02-19 Navigation bar
After just doing some quick hacks, I am starting to make this more usable, first I am adding navigation bar at the top, the next step is to choose better colors. I will pick the ones of the building you may see at Rauba Caupeu.
2001-02-01 Starting design
I finally found a little time to generate some content, it's now starting to be alive!
2000-09-06 Starting to feed some pictures
But not linked from the main page, I got no time to make some more content.
2000-08-31 Server is up!
I finally bought the domain, and installed it. The server is co-located with, it is not really virtual hosting as sockets are bound to different IPs, but they share the same process.

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