Fujisawa - Tokyo

A shopping street in Ginza (Tokyo), at the end of the afternoon on a sunday.

Ginza - Tokyo

Tokyo station, on the way to the Tokaido line

Tokyo Station

Fujisawa, with more wires than trees, a quite small street close to the station.


A kind of gate near Fujisawa station, as seen from a nice gaming center.


People going to the other side of the tracks using an underway, right to Fujisawa station


A nice and green place contrasting with the modernity of Fujisawa station area.


One of the many nice "Boulangerie-Patisserie" you can find in Japan, they are closest to the original French ones.


Taken from the Yamanote train, arriving near Mita from Tokyo Station

Yamanote line - Tokyo

Tokyo Tower seens from one of the main streets, with people, cars, road works

Tokyo Tower

Akihabara (Tokyo), at dusk

Akihabara - Tokyo

Akihabara (Tokyo), at night.

Akihabara - Tokyo

The main gate of the Engaku-ji temple, surrounded by trees

Engaku-ji Temple Gate

A nice path to a hall, restricted to monks.

Engaku-ji Temple

A little statue, near a lamp, close to Kaiki-Byo (If my memory is good)

Engaku-ji Temple

A closeup of the edge of a roof, in Engaku-ji

Engaku-ji Temple

Ohgane, the temple bell of Engaku-ji, donated in 1301. It is a national treasure.

Engaku-ji Temple - Ohgane

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